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Becoming a member, you can help us to carry out first reception activities, support us in the continuation of our project and strengthen our belief that we are not alone in believing in the perspective of a new positive future society, a society in which no one is marginalized due to social injustice , dehumanizing economic policies and wars.

Registration procedures and membership fees

With a 20 euro fee, you will become a Baobab Experience supporter

With a 30 euro fee, you will be an associate member and you will be covered by insurance during the activities at the camp at Piazzale Maslax.

You can retrieve your membership card during the events organized at the Maslax camp or those where we are invited to take part… find our table!

You can send us your membership request online with an email with your personal information and proceeding with the payment of the fee. Details below:

Purpose: membership 2017/2018 , beneficiary: BAOBAB EXPERIENCE – IBAN: IT72Y0359901899050188533521  – BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2TXXX


You CAN always donate, whatever amount you wish. The proceeds will be used for the purchase of primary goods for migrants, logistics of the Maslax camp and the organization of activities.

Donate to BAOBAB EXPERIENCE by bank transfer – Purpose: donation

IBAN: IT72Y0359901899050188533521  – BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2TXXX

You can give your 5×1000 a BAOBAB EXPERIENCE C.F. 97878960588.


You can support our great little daily challenges with a donation for our targeted fundraising campaigns, like the one destined to the economic support of our former guest who is now doing a Masters in Milan; or the one called YES WE CAMP!- aimed at the purchase of equipment for the humanitarian camp at Piazzale Maslax.